★ Foaming Shampoo – the Lash Shampoo / Foaming 50ml eyelash extensions shampoo has a foaming-based cleansing formula that is the perfect solution for effortless lash cleansing.

★ Gentle Formula – the lash shampoo for eyelash extensions is betaine, paraben, alkyl sulfate, and fragrance-free. Its vegan and cruelty-free formula is gentle on the eyes and removes traces of body oils and dust.

★ Home Use – the lash shampoo for eyelash extensions is a safe and easy-to-use product that clients can apply at home! Simply pump the foaming cleanser onto a clean mascara wand and gently remove any mascara, makeup residue, or oil build-up.

★ Salon Use – the high-quality formula of the Lash Shampoo / Foaming 50ml allows lash artists to utilize the product during salon sessions. The eyelash extension shampoo can help craft long-lasting lash sets by allowing better attachment between extensions and natural lashes.



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