Fat elimination by removal of fatty cells. Like the ultrasonic effect.

Corrects the accumulation of fat on the double chin effectively.

What is derma Lipoface OB?

It is a new formulation inspired by the new technologies of anti-fat treatments using ultrasound for cellular lysis of adipose tissue.

It combines active ingredients that help fight the adipose tissue hypertrophy of both pre-adiposities and mature adipocytes in fat submentonia.


5 vials x 5ml


There is a detachment of the fat cells in the treated area and the combustion of the released fatty acids.

Substantially improves the angle of the chin and cheek.

It diminishes the double chin, the double chin for effect similar to the ultrasound, ungrouping and detaching the fat clusters of the double chin.

Drainage action allows evacuation of the released fatty acids and improves elasticity, reducing skin flaccidity by increasing hyaluronate and collagen levels.


L- Carnitine: Mobilizes accumulated fats so that the metabolism is responsible for burning them.

Organic Silicon: It is multi-active that exerts an excellent restructuring function of dermal tissue with moisturizing, anti-aging, antioxidant, and firming functions. It has a tremendous anti-aging effect providing hydration to the skin.

Phosphatidylcholine: is a molecule extracted from soy lecithin that has a mobilizing action of lipid deposits inside the adipocytes, increasing the fluidity and permeability of the adipose membrane, favoring the release of fat from the inside of the cells and its subsequent reabsorption.

Hydrolyzed red algae: hinders the activity of spermidine and spermine (interdiapositary polyamides) deposited inside the adipocytes in overweight people.

Caffeine is a chemical substance of the group of alkaloids of plant origin that acts on the mobilization and metabolization of free fatty acids.

Troxerutin: It is an ingredient composed of (Escin + Rutina + Hesperidina) that helps improve the microvascular process by decreasing the inflammatory reaction by the adipocytic effect. It also improves the tolerance to the product in the area by speeding up the breakdown of tissue fat.


Lipoface OB is recommended to be used topically in the double chin area with microneedles or nanoneedles after chemical peels, electroporation, iontophoresis (galvanic current), and ultrasound penetration. The product can be applied weekly for 6-8 consecutive sessions.

Follow up one session monthly. Use 5-10ml of Lipoface OB depending on how much fat is present and the size of the treated area.



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