The Metal Swiss Cup is a hand-polished, ultralight piece, developed with greater internal depth to increase suction, thicker edges to avoid patient abuse, elevations to facilitate greater marking in specific areas such as the waist; elongated collar that facilitates comfort in the grip. Its composition allows total hygiene in a simple way, it does not save fungi, spores and other bacteria, taking care of the health of the patient and therapist. Unbreakable, without wear or deterioration even after many years of use. It is designed to stimulate each area of the body without causing any type of tissue injury, discomfort Metal Swiss cup basically works by generating a vacuum effect that draws excess fat from one area to another. This massage is performed by pressing on the conflict areas and obtaining the appropriate body shape. Its components, Aluminum and Silicon, act at the dermal level, potentiating elastic and collagen fibers, promoting their activation in toning. It generates verifiable results from the first session without causing any wear on the therapist, discomfort and / or pain in the patient, obtaining aesthetic and therapeutic results from the start of treatment



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